Video Game Release Dates

Behold! The latest UK release dates for games across PC, console, VR and mobile platforms. We receive new release dates from our publishing contacts on a daily basis and will endeavour to keep this list as accurate as we possibly can. If you spot any errors or omissions, let us know and we’ll put things right.

August 30th

August 31st

September 1st

September 2nd

September 6th

September 7th

September 8th

September 9th

September 13th

September 14th

September 15th

  • Metal: Hellsinger (The Outsiders / Funcom) – PC, XO, XSX, PS4, PS5
  • Ultimechs (Resolution Games) – PCVR, Quest 2, Pico
  • Outer Wilds (Mobius Digital / Annapurna Interactive) – XSX, PS5
  • Despot’s Game (Konfa Games / tinyBuild) – PC, XO, XSX, PS4, Switch
  • Dungeons 3 (Realmforge / Kalypso Media) – Switch

September 19th

September 20th

September 22nd

September 27th

September 28th

September 29th

September 30th

 September TBA

October 4th

  • Overwatch 2 (Blizzard Entertainment) – PC, XO, XSX, PS4, PS5, Switch
  • Dakar Desert Rally (Saber Porto / Saber Interactive) – PC, XO, XSX, PS4, PS5,

October 7th

October 11th

  • No More Heroes 3 (Grasshopper Manufacture / Marvellous) – PC, XO, XSX, PS4, PS5

October 13th

October 14th

October 18th

October 19th

October 20th

October 21st

October 22nd

October 25th

October 27th

October 28th

October 31st

October TBA






November 30th

2022 TBA

Spring 2023

  • Tchia (Awaceb / Kepler Interactive) – PC, PS5, PS4

2023 TBC