Check out the first episode of the MCV/DEVELOP Podcast, featuring Curve Games chairman and MCV founder Stuart Dinsey

If your first reaction to the above headline is “Hang on, what happened to the last podcast?”, rest assured that it’s still out there, undisturbed since the last episode slipped its moorings in 2016 when its hosts decided to sail elsewhere. (Whatever happened to those guys anyway?)

The new podcast, hosted by yours truly and able first mate Vince Pavey, aims to be much the same as the old one, only with a “/” in place of ” + ” (because, math), and, of course, a new and growing roster of industry guests. Most of all we hope to at least equal the number of episodes our illustrious predecessors managed.

For this first episode we have someone who’s no stranger to MCV, having co-founded the magazine back in 1998 after ten years editing its rival CTW. Dinsey talks about both, as well his time at Ukie, Curve Games and Stevenage FC.

You can check out the episode below, via Spotify, Apple and Google, or wherever you get your podcasts from.

About Richie Shoemaker

Prior to taking the editorial helm of MCV/DEVELOP Richie spent 20 years shovelling word-coal into the engines of numerous gaming magazines and websites, many of which are now lost beneath the churning waves of progress. If not already obvious, he is partial to the odd nautical metaphor.

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