The 25th anniversary issue of MCV/DEVELOP is available to read online now

The new issue of MCV/DEVELOP should be arriving with subscribers over the next couple of days, which means it’s time to add it to the ever-expanding online archive for everyone else to get their peepers into. Check it out right here!

The focus of the September issue (and the reason it arrives in October) is an extensive look back over the quarter century since the first issue of MCV was published. In the process of researching MCV’s history we spoke to so many people that worked on the magazine that we appear to have amassed enough material for a book. It’s just as well we didn’t attempt one else we’d have missed MCV’s anniversary year entirely! Our thanks to everyone that took the time to reminisce and help us lay down the foundations for the inevitable Sunday Times Bestseller (TBC).

Remarkably, we did manage to speak to a few people that were unconnected to MCV’s anniversary: Dlala Studios opened up about the art of Disney Illusion Island; Sumo Digital took us through the remaking of Zool; Behaviour Interactive told us about it’s UK expansion, and Hi-Rez about it’s innovative RallyHere live service platform.

There’s much more to be found in MCV/DEVELOP #992, which you’ll discover soon enough. Sorry it took a little longer to arrive that we’d hoped, but the next issue should be along in good time.

About Richie Shoemaker

Prior to taking the editorial helm of MCV/DEVELOP Richie spent 20 years shovelling word-coal into the engines of numerous gaming magazines and websites, many of which are now lost beneath the churning waves of progress. If not already obvious, he is partial to the odd nautical metaphor.

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